Training in compliance management for confined field trials

A training course that outlines how to apply for and complete a confined field trial.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency notice of submission

A list of the latest products submitted to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for approval.

The product commercialization database

A database of biotechnology seeds’ current commercial status in Canada.

The Insect Resistance Management program

A guide outlining CropLife Canada’s best practices for members regarding insect resistance management strategies.

The herbicide-tolerant volunteers best management guide

A set of best management practices for controlling herbicide-tolerant volunteers. 

The Stewardship of Discontinued Products Canada Checklist

A checklist to facilitate the process of removing discontinued seed products from Canadian markets.

Treated seeds

The best practices for keeping treated seeds out of grain deliveries.

Excellence Through Stewardship

A not-for-profit organization that promotes stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of agricultural technology products.