The Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA)

The Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) is an industry-driven initiative devoted to the continuous improvement of agrichemical warehousing in Canada. It uses third-party assessments to improve environmental protection, working conditions and business risk.


An industry-led organization that helps farmers safely and responsibly recycle or dispose of their agricultural waste.

The Certified Crop Science Consultant program

A set of nationwide standards designed specifically for people who advise growers, distributors and the public on crop protection products.

The sprayer technology initiative

Clinic and on-farm testing initiatives aimed at helping growers optimize their sprayer output, distribution and efficiency.

CropLife Canada Manufacturing Standards

CropLife Canada members that operate agricultural pesticide formulation facilities within Canada are held to the highest environmental, health and safety standards through CropLife Canada’s Manufacturing Code of Practice.

Seed-applied insecticides and pollinator safety

A list of best management practices for protecting pollinators in Canada when using insecticide seed treatments.

Seed treatment keg container stewardship guidelines

A list of industry guidelines for kegs filled with seed treatment products.