BeeConnected app facilitates communication between beekeepers and farmers

It’s well understood that honey bee health is complex and honey bees face pressures from a number of factors throughout the year including: pests and parasites like the Varroa mite, harsh weather, disease from bacteria and viruses, a lack of nutritious food sources and potential exposure to pesticides. Fortunately, according to the 2016 stats from […]

“Ag Stewardship in Action” helps environmentally-conscious farmers add to sustainability practices

Farming today is complex. We get that. And adopting sustainable practices makes it even more so.  But these practices contribute to a healthier environment, are socially responsible and create opportunities for economic prosperity that are at the core of farming best practices today. We also know that sustainability includes making sure the packaging used to […]

Multiplying end of life stewardship

2015 is CleanFARMS’ fifth anniversary. Five is a prime number. 2015 is not but it is the result of multiplying three prime numbers together: 5, 13, and 31. As you may have guessed by now, I’m a numbers guy, an engineer by training, who focuses on metrics and this is what CleanFARMS and its 38 […]