The China question – why it matters for Canadian agriculture

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led a Canadian delegation to China recently to discuss a range of bilateral issues, first and foremost being trade. Canada and China have been engaged in exploratory talks regarding the possible commencement of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with China. Although an agreement to start formal FTA talks was not reached, […]

GMOs and me

One of the biggest ironies of our time is that food has never been safer while at the same time people have never been more afraid to eat. Every day consumers around the world safely consume billions of meals. And there is a myriad of food safety regulations and organizations ensuring the safety of the food we […]

IARC findings on glyphosate edited in draft review, Reuters discovers

In a world rife with concerns, it’s unconscionable that an international organization would go as far as to manipulate and distort scientific data to meet a preconceived agenda. Reuters has discovered that the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) dismissed and edited findings from a draft review of glyphosate that were […]

Manitobans making their views clear on urban pesticides: Will the Pallister government act?

For many years now urban pesticide bans have become a must-have for provincial and municipal governments who say they want to take action on the environment. With the stroke of a pen, they appear to have “taken action” to protect the environment, while their actions actually lead to the opposite – a loss of urban […]

Plant biotechnology: Innovation lost and opportunities ahead

Some opponents of modern agriculture say that biotech crops, often referred to as GMOs, have not lived up to expectations. For those of us in agriculture we know that over the last two decades biotech crops have delivered significant benefits to Canadian farmers and farmers around the world. They have, among other benefits, helped farmers […]

Take part in National Planting Week, June 5-12

Honey bee populations are on the rise in Canada according to Statistics Canada, but they still face challenges. One of the major factors affecting honey bee health is access to adequate nutrition. Honey bees spend a third of their life flying to find flowers with pollen and nectar that they can bring back to the […]