Reflections from #GrowCanada15

Another successful GrowCanada conference is behind us. GrowCanada was back in Calgary this year and the weather was almost 30 degrees warmer than the last time we were in Calgary in 2013. Over 550 registered for the conference this year to set another record. Side events included the Soil Summit wrapping up the UN “Year […]

There’s a new void to fill in science communication

As scientists we generally aren’t renowned for our communications prowess, particularly communications with the public. Many of us would rather work away in our laboratories and communicate with our peers than actively seek out opportunities to talk to the public about our work. Particularly when our work is in the field of, to use the […]

What does ‘social license’ mean for agriculture?

Social license is a buzzword that has gained traction in various industries and has recently firmly established itself as part of agriculture’s vernacular. For centuries, farmers have been producing food to feed their neighbours, communities, and the world. Going back just a few generations, most people had a direct connection to the farm and understood […]

Telling the true story of Saskatchewan agriculture

Improving the public perception of agriculture is a strategic priority for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. It is written right into our business plan. As a government, it is our goal to see the industry grow. But without the public’s understanding, the public’s trust, and the public’s permission, our growth could be constrained. We must […]

Overwintering bee losses in Canada on the decline: What Ontario can learn from the rest of the country

Despite a cold, hard winter in many parts of the country beekeepers in all regions except one reported better than average winter survival rates. The one region that still has a problem? Ontario, where some beekeepers have aligned themselves with environmental activist groups and fought successfully to hobble farmers by essentially banning a highly effective […]

Beekeeping in Alberta – a great Canadian success story

Everyone has heard about the value of honeybees to the food chain, and no one is more aware of that than those of us that manage these bees across Canada. There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the plight of the honeybee, and while there are numerous challenges before us as beekeepers we […]