CleanFARMS™ to undertake first-of-its-kind study into non-organic agricultural waste in Ontario

CleanFARMS™ has been awarded funding to undertake a first-of-its-kind study into the types and quantities of non-organic waste found on farms across Ontario – and how best to safely and responsibly dispose of that waste. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has committed $140,000 to this project for two years through the […]

Canadian agriculture seeks insight from The Simpsons

OTTAWA, ON – What can Canada’s agricultural sector learn from Homer Simpson? Join participants at the annual GrowCanada® conference tonight and find out! After a full day of thoughtful presentations on farming, Canada’s agricultural community will be ready for some levity, which is what they will get when Joel Cohen, writer and co-executive producer of […]

How irrational thinking is harmful to our future

OTTAWA, ON – Canadians enjoy one of the safest, most abundant and most affordable food supplies in the world and yet farmers are constantly forced to defend the choices they make to deliver these benefits. Michael Specter, a staff writer at The New Yorker, will explore the ways irrational thinking about scientific advancements like plant […]

From foes to friends: how the boreal forest brought industry and activists together

OTTAWA, ON – Slings and arrows are the tools industry and their activist opponents frequently use to trade information, however, a collaborative approach adopted by the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and a group of leading environmentalist organizations led to a signed agreement earlier this year that will see them work together to pursue […]

Olympic gold medal finish forecast for GrowCanada conference

Canadian agriculture’s premier conference will end on a high note with a look at how the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games inspired young people to get engaged – and how the agricultural sector might be able to do the same – courtesy of John Furlong, chief executive officer of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for […]

Peter Mansbridge talks about connecting with Canadians

OTTAWA, ON – Is it possible to bridge the gap between farming and non-farming Canadians? Peter Mansbridge, anchor of CBC’s The National, will lend his perspective on how to connect with Canadians when he delivers the keynote address to attendees at the annual GrowCanada® conference tomorrow. Mansbridge will explore the national mood through key social […]