Gardening Remains a Crime as Court Upholds Toronto By-Law

Immediate Release TORONTO, ON – The ruling by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice upholding the city of Toronto’s by-law to ban the use of pest control products on residential properties means gardeners will risk being considered criminals. “Gardening should not be a crime, but for many gardeners it will be, when the by-law comes […]

Over 60,000 KGs of Material Disposed of as Farmers Take Full Advantage of Operation CleanFarm

News Release Over 60,000 KGs of Material Disposed of as Farmers Take Full Advantage of Operation CleanFarm Winnipeg, MB – Farmers south of the Trans-Canada highway took full advantage of Operation CleanFarm, a new program in Manitoba, designed to collect and dispose of unwanted and obsolete crop protection products. Over the course of a three […]

Operation CleanFarm huge success in Central Alberta

NEWS RELEASE Edmonton, AB – For Central Alberta farmers, taking care of obsolete pest control products is something they take very seriously. Through Alberta’s Operation CleanFarm, they safely disposed of approximately 85,000 kg of unwanted crop protection products at 35 collection sites. “The success of the 2003 Alberta Operation CleanFarm demonstrates the importance of the […]

Oakville Voters Reject Banning Use of Pest Control Products

– The People Agree: Gardening Should Not Be A Crime – TORONTO – Backyard gardeners and other residents of Oakville, Ontario have voted a resounding “No” in a plebiscite asking whether they would support a ban on the use of pest control products on residential properties. Residents voted “No” – as part of yesterday’s municipal […]

Environment Commissioner’s Comments Irresponsible, Border on Fearmongering

Immediate Release TORONTO, ON – Comments made recently by Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment, Johanne Gelinas, in both her own report and in the media, paint such an inaccurate picture of pesticide safety and oversight that they border on fearmongering. That’s the view of CropLife Canada, the trade association of Canada’s pesticide manufacturers and distributors. […]

CropLife Canada Elects 2003/2004 Board of Directors

Embargo Winnipeg, MB – CropLife Canada elected its new Board of Directors today at its Annual General Meeting held during the trade association’s annual conference in Winnipeg Manitoba. “This year’s annual conference marks 51 years of the association’s history and highlights the industry’s impressive track record with respect to innovation and stewardship,” says Jay Bradshaw, […]